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These are only a selection of media articles and publications our initatives have featured in and most of them were written by Isabel. Often articles are being published throughout the year but we never get a copy of them. 


A MUST WATCH .... Our Riding for Horses clip from Insync Productions Johannesburg!

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October 2015:

Meander Chroncile KZN Midlands 

June 2015: 

April 2015:

February 2014:

Schwaebische Zeitung

October 2013:

Highway Mail, 31st October - Celebration & Auction article!

September 2013:

Highway Mail, 26th September - Completion article! 

The Zambezi Traveller, Issue 14

August 2013:

The Intrepid Explorer , Issue 3

NOTE: We try and proof read all articles that are being published but sometimes articles are written without our knowledge and the content is not accurate.  


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