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Our journey with our horses around South Africa has had a profound effect on us and we are continuously trying to improve our relationship with our horses which is ultimately about understanding ourselves. We ride bitless and shoeless. Our horses are Boerperd or Boerperd crossbred ranging in height from about 14 to 16hands. They live out as a herd in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands.

For normal equine physiological and psychological well being 5 basic needs of a horse need to be considered.

  1. Movement - physiologically a horse is designed to move up to 20 hours a day
  2. Companionship - a horse is highly sociable and gregarious and requires direct contact and interaction with other horses
  3. Food - physiologically a horse is designed to graze (trickle feed) at will throughout the day
  4. Water - physiologically a horse is designed to drink water daily
  5. Rest - horses require a place and space to rest in peace and safety

 If any of the above are absent then this constitutes abuse!

Every single interaction we have with a horse is a test of leadership and whether we are suitable leaders worthy of being followed! Our deepest wish is that our horses enjoy the interactions with us as much as we do with them.


The rescue of the "wild horses" was something we just had to do and we believe it was meant to be...

After the urgent rescue call on social media came to us on two occasions it had become clear that we needed to be the ones helping these horses. The herd consists of mares, yearlings, recent foals, soon-to-be-moms and of course a stallion. There are now 14 in total and most of them have never been touched by a human...

Come & visit our special herd and interact with them over a distance... If you would like to help with the care of them please send me an email. Any booking made with us supports the upkeep of the herd and we would like to express our thank you to everyone that has been helping us thus far!

Read the newspaper article on the full rescue story of the wild horses!

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