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"The future of nature and wildlife preservation lies in the hands of children!"

Environmental education worldwide from an early age is something I truly believe in, though only long-term, it is vital to protect the environment and the planet for future generations. I am hoping to inspire children to speak up for those that don’t have a voice and that each of them has the power to contribute something, no matter how small the contribution. My vision is that they will grow up becoming conscious and caring individuals, affecting others by living as examples and passing on the important message of wildlife conservation and the protection of the environment. We have visited over 50 schools throughout Southern Africa educating over 22 000 children and young adults on the importance of environment and wildlife preservation and this is ongoing... 

Along with the talk the pupils are given a unique and special opportunity to participate and contribute towards conservation and awareness. One of the ways is by distributing a Rhino Knights postcard and the idea behind this comes from a 6 year old girl called Hanna. "Hanna's postcards" are given to children at all schools and can be sent across the world spreading a message and speaking for those that cannot speak! Anyone can send a postcard and by doing so, is contributing towards the cause of protecting Africa's wildlife and nature. 

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