Some previous interns and what they had to say about their time "IN THE COMPANY OF HORSES". We would like to thank everyone of you for coming to stay with us... We remember something special about each and everyone of you... You are welcome to come back anytime!

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Karina Kimmerle & Ronja Welling from Germany


Click here to read Karina's review of her stay with us.


"When I left Fishriver Horse Safari in 2008 I was overwhelmed by all the impressions and the whole livestyle here in South Africa. I keept all that in my heart and was sure to come back one day. This summer I finally spent 3 weeks with Isabel and Lloyd!! We were 4 students during that time and it was just awesome getting to know and spending time together with them. I really enjoyed our vacations to the coast and up to Lethoto. Isabel and LLyod managed and prepared everything in a really nice and personal way - taking everything with from home for camping (including the wood for the fire),  preaping delicous food for uns just on the back of the car and showing us lions lying in gras that you can´t spot if you don´t have LLoyds ranger eyes:-) And all the time sharing their love for the country with us.

So after 3 weeks I came back to Germany with a new knowledge about horses, about the country and about myself. It´s always good for youself to spent time in a group of people you don´t know before - you even discover so many good thing like a very deslicious Slowanian breakfast called "Schmarn" or a helpful Australian tea tree creme:-)
Guys, I´m so glad and thankful that you made my time so wonderful!! I espacially want to thank you again, Isa& Lloyd, for having me, for everything you have done for us, Isa, for everything you have explained and spotted, Lloyd, and for the fun, I had together with you guys.

And again, when I was leaving this time, I was sure to come back one day :-*"


Laura Rodemeyer from Germany currently living in London

Read Laura's review from our helpx profile

"I spent 4 fantastic weeks with Lloyd and Isabel in Karkloof in August 2015. 
During this time, I learned a lot about natural horsemanship, horses body language and ways to treat horses in a respectful and more natural manner. We went on beautiful rides through forests, over fields and even stopped at a restaurant on the way sometimes ;)
The gataway packages Lloyd and Isabel offer are fantastic. I had a great time camping near the beach and exploring South Africas wildlife.

I highly recommend staying with Lloyd and Isabel and their beautiful horses!" 


Carla Luckas from Germany

"I spent two unforgettable awesome months with Isabel and Lloyd. It´s hard to put into words, but I will try. During my time with the horses I learned a lot about myself and about the relationship between them and us. Every day is different and that is what makes it very interesting. Also the getaway packages they offer are a great opportunity to get to know South Africa in a different and very personal way. This I can´t put into words, you have to experience it yourself! Isabel and Lloyd are great hosts and I´m sure you will enjoy your time with them! I enjoyed every second!! Thank you so much! =)"


Vanja Serafini from Slovenia

"I have spent 6 incredible, unforgettable, powerful and life-changing weeks "In the company of horses". Horses and people tought me about the relationships, discovering and exploring the deepest parts of myself and others. By facing my fears I pushed my bounderies to the line which I wasn't expected at all. At the moment when I have started to feel safe enough with others and horses, my most creative, innovative and energetic part of me came up to the superficie. The one that believes that the dreams can become true and the one that showed me how close the horses and people can come if the relationship is based od respect, nonstressful ambience, awarness of myself and others and ful presence. Being present in my body and my emotions, having safe place to express them is what create happiness because you can be who you are without anybody who wants to change you. I am grateful to the horses and people who gave their part to make me grow personally. I am sure that I will come back one day and that we will meet again!"


Flora De Biase & Ines Fritsch from France

"We are still very sad to be gone from South Africa.. We would really like to come back to relive a magical experience like this!

As part of our studies we made a linguistic trip. We chose the destination of South Africa because we are very curious. Taking this risk we had the incredible chance to come home wonderful people (no lie). We helped Isabel and Isabel Lloyd with horses. They have one method that is built around respect the horse (not like classical riding). We had the chance to lead the horses along the coast near Durban.
We also took a trip Lloyd and Isabel propose the trip for one week on Games reserve. We have the incredible chance to see lions and hyenas and other fabulous animals. We really had much chance of falling in so many generous people. If travel permits openness to the world, an opportunity to meet people and a great country.
We miss you a lot! BIG KISSES AND HUGS !!"


Kathi Hennig and Karin Schneider from Germany


".........As a conclusion I spent five weeks with Isabel and Lloyd (March 3rd till April 9th) and it was one of my best experiences I´ve ever had. It was a pleasure to be there. I am so thankful that they showed me around and I´ve learned so much. I got a totally different view on horsemanship and riding horses. I can only recommend taking part in this volunteer program that they offer. You won’t regret it. I will definitely come back someday! A big thank you to Isabel and Lloyd"

(The full report Kathi wrote including pictures can be loaded here)


"I stayed with Isabel and Lloyd for four weeks in March 2015 and I had the most wonderful time. Lloyd taught us a lot about horses and riding and we even went on a 3-day exporative outride in the neighbouring Karkloof mountains. Lloyd and Isabel are fascinating people with great determination when it comes to protecting nature, animals and horses in particular. They are also wonderful hosts. 

'Work' was cleaning and feeding the horses, getting them ready for outrides and riding. There were very few other chores like helping with the construction of hitching rails or cleaning tack. All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that I can only recommend."

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