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Equine Faciliated Learning (EFL) and Personal Development (EFPD) 

Connecting with horses can and most likely will nurture & inspire you to improve your confidence, build healthy relationships with others & reconnect with your horse and environment. Horses have a way of giving humans the opportunity to find their true potential in life, to find out who they really are or want to be... 


Equine faciliated learning is about using a combination of activites with horses, coaching and theoretical discussion. This, combined with creative activities and a peaceful setting provides a unique environment in which to nurture and learn.

EFPD: (As defined by Chris Irwin -

"Chris designed his EAPD curricula to provide participants with a solid foundation of personal integrity with both horses and humans.  By learning to “walk your own talk” of balancing an equine mindset, both consciously and unconsciously, with our own human perspective, respect and appreciation for the symbiotic relationship that exists between the two species becomes self-evident.  A dynamic, cutting-edge repertoire of knowledge can them be presented with “ah ha!” results in many EAP fields – be it corporate leadership, personal coaching, family counseling, mental and physical health and healing, parenting, teaching, etc.

"EFPD & EFL both are incredible ways to reconnect with yourself and others under the gentle, watchful eyes of the equine facilitator! Please send me an email to if you wish to book a session and/or a package EFPD/EFL offer." - Isabel Wolf-Gillespie

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