About us

Lloyd Gillespie

* Managing Owner of In the Company of Horses

* FGASA Lead Horse Guide Dangerous Game and Trails Guide 

* CEEPSA Professional Equestrian Coach International

* EQASA Certificate of Horsemastership & Equestrian Tourism International 

* Founder of the Earth Awareness Initiative

* Author of "Between Fire And Shadow - A Personal Journey Inspired By Horses" and the German Publication "Südafrika vom Sattel aus"

Lloyd Gillespie is a FGASA qualified Big 5 Field Guide/Trails Guide with 20 years of experience in the industry in Southern Africa. He has owned and operated Fishriver Horse Safaris, the Haven Horse Safaris and now In the Company of Horses. Lloyd specializes on teaching guiding from horseback and conducts practical natural horsemanship workshops focusing on relationships between horse and humans based on leadership and trust.  In the Company of Horses enrols interns and apprentices throughout the year. Lloyd is a member of the International Equestrian Qualification Authority of Southern Africa and certified as International Horsemaster & Equestrian Tourism Instructor. He is also a member of the Council of Equine and Equestrian Professionals of South Africa, certified as International Professional Equestrian Coach. 


Isabel Wolf-Gillespie  

* Managing Owner of In the Company of Horses

* CEEPSA Qualified Equine Complementary Health Therapist

* Founder of the Earth Awareness Initiative

* Conservation Activist, Educator & Wilderness Journey Leader

* Author of "Between Fire & Shadow - A personal journey inspired by horses" and 

the German publication "Südafrika vom Sattel aus"  

* Qualified State Nurse / Remote Emergency First Aid Responder

Isabel is a qualified nurse from Germany, an Equine Complementary Health Therapist, Conservation Activist/Educator, Wilderness Journey Leader and Author of two book publications ('Between Fire & Shadow' and the German Publication 'Südafrika vom Sattel aus'). She has been living all over Southern Africa for almost 10 years actively involved and leading a variety of community and conservation initiatives/projects. Together with her husband Lloyd Gillespie, Isabel is the Managing Owner of ‘In the Company of Horses’, a consulting business offering high quality equine and equestrian training services with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Isabel has a special interest in facilitated healing work with equines and is a member of the KZN Equine Facilitated Intervention Association of South Africa.
Currently her focus also lies in facilitating wilderness journeys, education, empowerment/mentorship for children and particularly young women and also community upliftment/wildlife conservation projects. Through this work she has developed strong relationships and collaborations with internationally recognized organizations such as the Blue Sky Society Trust, One Nature Films, the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization with more, joint projects in development. 

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